Kannaley miya



Soooooo…. romantic!!! Love this song and Laila.

So cute. lol….her expressions.

The moves….Clap…clap…

What about that prediction that  I would start a dance school….. 🙂


Far away

I want to go away Far, far away Away from life Away from this world Away from all pain and worry. But still I believe There will be a morn. The sun will rise and shine And make it a golden day.

Is’nt it Proud?

Isn’t it proud? To be out on the border Facing guns Smiling at Death That threatens every moment. To stand, salute Your motherland – Your home. Is’nt it proud? When there blows The breeze of freedom With no doors, chains or locks. To breathe, to feel The world belongs to you Now and ever after.

It happens

If there were no rains, Would the roads ever have a wash? If there were no words, Would we have known so much? If there were no names How would you call me, and I you? If there was no Sun, Would there be you, or me?

Are you here?

Joy you brought with your smile so lovely Your eyes laughing black berries So loving, so understanding. Every word of yours Made me wonder Was my world real? With me in my dreams are you? Would you ever be near, here?

Green hopes

Some moments cannot be forgotten For all the pain they have brought Pain that will remain forever.   Life is full of tears Headed towards some unknown home we move and when we reach there We find it isnt what we were in search of and the search continues.