Inkpot Charu  

Is there a perfect story?

Balvihar March 2020

“Ashita is so funny”, Ruhaan remarked.
” So yesterday, you saw the tamasha too. I knew it was wrong to laugh, but it was indeed very funny” Shaurya burst out laughing as he recollected what had happened.
“No I don’t know what you are talking about. I always see her with a book in her hand. She reads it when she is walking down the corridor, climbing up or down the stairs, curling in the corner of the classroom, sitting on the bean bag, lying down, crosslegged – every single time. She even carried a book into the washroom.” said Ruhaan.
Shaurya continued “Oh yes, Ms. Yashna has warned her several times not to walk while reading but yesterday she did  just that and this was what happened.Naina was sitting on the floor with her legs stretched, working on her science puzzle. Ashita was so engrossed in reading while walking, that she did not notice Naina. She tripped over Naina’s foot and lost her balance. The puzzle pieces, the book, Ashita’s glasses went flying in different directions. Luckily both the girls escaped getting badly hurt inspite of Ashita landing face down.”
The two boys were laughing so hard that they did not notice Ashita standing behind them. She had heard it all.”Fantastic Shaurya. But I really think you should improve your storytelling skills”, she remarked sarcastically.
Before they would respond, Ashita walked away, not before the boys noticed that she did not have a book in her hand.Strange!! They shrugged their shoulders.
“We only have 10 more minutes of PE. Come on, let’s join the others” Ruhaan yelled as they ran into the field. 
Ms.Yashna and the rest of the class were cheering Shiv.
The boys were surprised that Shiv was actually batting. Shiv would never participate in PE sessions or play any of the games because he was scared of getting hurt and he thought he was not good like the others or could run fast. He scored only 2 runs but those 2 runs made his team win the match.
“You are a champ, Shiv. Hip Hip Hurray” the class cheered.
 I am so happy and today is the best day in my life” Shiv was jumping around excitedly.
There was another surprise for the kids when Shiv spoke up.”I owe it to Ms. Yashna and Ashita”
The kids had guessed that Ms.Yashna was the reason for the change in Shiv, but Ashita? What? How? They had so many questions.
” Can I share about it in the class, Miss?” Shiv requested.The kids could not wait to hear what Ashita did. “Tell us the story” they demanded impatiently.” As you all know Ashita is my buddy for the Read Every Week project”, Shiv began. 
The others had not wanted to team up with Shiv. He was very knowledgeable and wanted to share his ideas, but unfortunately he had no friend who was ready to listen.
When Ashita was teamed up with Shiv, the class had pitied them. Their project would be a waste, they thought because they were so different from each other.
 Ashita who was into a lot of reading understood Shiv and appreciated when he shared his ideas. She also noticed that Shiv had some fears he had to work upon. She knew she could help him. 
The smart girl came up with a lovely story about a rabbit who inspite of being a small animal overcame his fears and learnt to accomodate with the other animals in the jungle.
“Ashita shared something very simple – There’s always a different way of looking at things..and that’s what makes a new story everytime…and the story need not be perfect”, she had said.
That made him decide to get rid off his fears and now had a new story to tell.