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Balvihar February 2020

As our lives get busier, it becomes even more necessary to take extra caution and remain alert to ensure safety on our roads.

The ever changing driving environment is creating a number of serious road safety issues and hinders people from staying focused on driving. Over one lakh people get killed and nearly 4.5 lakh people get injured in road accidents every year.

There is an urgent need for road safety awareness among road users, including pedestrians and school children. It has become even more critical to drive in school zones as young children are not as capable as adults to judge the speed and distance and often fail to look out for vehicles before they cross the road.

Either as a driver, passenger, or as a pedestrian we must all negotiate the road traffic environment on a daily basis. 

Remember that everyday simple actions can become extremely dangerous when drivers undertake them and lose concentration. For example, tuning the radio, talking on a mobile phone, looking at paperwork need to be avoided when driving. 

It is most important to be aware of the opportunities for children to become safer road users as they are the most vulnerable group in road accidents.

Key safety hints:

  • Develop a child’s understanding of the dangers on the road and introduce them to the importance of road rules at an early stage.
  • Always ensure that children travelling in cars are properly seated with their seat belts fastened and wear helmets when riding a bicycle.
  • Supervision of children is needed especially when they are near parked or moving cars.
  • Set a good example by choosing safe places to cross, using marked crossings and traffic lights correctly and explaining why doing so is important.

Teach the children to always 

  • THINK FIRST – Find a safe place to cross and then stop
  • STOP – stand on the pavement
  • LOOK AND LISTEN – use your eyes and ears to look around for traffic  and listen
  • WAIT TILL IT’S SAFE TO CROSS – if a vehicle is coming, let it pass, look all around again
  • LOOK AND LISTEN AGAIN– when there’s no traffic near, walk straight across the road
  • STAY SAFE – keep looking and listening for traffic while you cross.

Quiz competition: Enjoy solving this quiz.

  1. Before crossing the road, you should look right, then__________, then right again.(4 letters)
  2. When riding a scooter, bicycle or motorcycle, you should always wear a _________(6 letters)
  3. One of the road safety motto’s is to stop, look and ___________(6 letters)
  4. Is it safe to run after your football if it rolls into the road?________(2 letters)
  5. The colour ______________ means go.  (5 letters) 
  6. The colour of a stop sign is ________. ( 3 letters)
  7. When a traffic officer holds up his hand, he is instructing you to _______. (4 letters) 
  8. What colour is danger?_______ (3 letters)
  9. Don’t _________ and drive.  (5 letters)
  10. The ___________  secures the occupant of a vehicle against harmful movement.(8 letters)

ACCIDENTS HURT… SAFETY DOES NOT. So keep safe, stay alive.