Inkpot Charu  

Kanak and Uki – a new friendship begins

Balvihar January 2020

Kanak, the rhinoceros was enjoying his afternoon siesta, a much needed one especially on a hot and tiring day.

 Uki, the black giant squirrel ‘s favourite past time was to follow Kanak and observe all that he did, hoping he might become his friend one day because Kanak was always alone.
Uki often wondered “How could Kanak be so boring, just minding his own business. He had many ideas that would keep the rhino on his toes all the time. That would be fun, he thought.
And now watching the sleepy rhino had started him yawning and before he winked, he lost his balance and tumbled straight down the tree.
It was just not Uki’s day.
As he fell down, trying to get a grasp of the closest branch or a twig, it eluded him, and he landed with a thud straight on Kanak’s face.

“Is it that hard to let a hardworking rhino get some rest?”
“Must be that snoopy langur. Let me just ignore him.” Kanak could barely hear his own murmur, but then when he opened his eyes to see the giant squirrel injured and in pain, he was horrified. But he knew what he had to do. He quickly made the squirrel sit on his back and took him to Dr.Sudhir’s home.

Dr.Sudhir, a wildlife enthusiast had saved Kanak several years ago and taken good care of him, before letting him back into the wild.
Kanak knew perfectly well that Dr. Sudhir would not let Uki get back into the jungle without healing well. This was Kanak’s perfect excuse to stay back with his beloved Dr.Sudhir and his wife Veda aunty.

However it was now Uki, who preferred to sit by her kitchen window, where he felt safer than ever.

Till one day when he could scurry down the mango tree in the garden at his usual full speed, he watched Kanak run around the courtyard, roll around the mud wallow and amuse him in different ways.

Furtastic no?