All is calm, all is bright

It was 2.30 pm and there was still an hour to go. Geetha was pacing up and down glancing at the clock. If only she could turn the hands to make it go faster?

Her mother Shoba urged her to have her lunch first. “I think you should not stay hungry. Eat at least a little Geetha. Staying hungry is not going to help”, she remarked.

She understood what her daughter must be going through, doing one of the toughest and most fulfilling jobs in the world – being a mom.

Geetha had a wonderful childhood. She had her brother, Amit, and her loving and supportive parents. Shoba considered herself very fortunate this way. Her husband, Jai, would take care of the children and made things much easier for her as being a teacher was no easy job.  

After much prodding, Geetha ate very little. The excitement rushed through her veins, She could not wait any longer. “Amma! Appa! Come on, let’s go!” she called out hurriedly as she started the car.

As she turned into the street, it looked as if her car would fly off the ground. Her dad gently touched her arm, signaling her to calm down and slow down. “There is no hurry Geetha ma. Nobody is going anywhere – they will all be there when we reach!”

Shoba slowly started remembering her children’s childhood. There was a deep attachment to the convent Geetha and Amit went to. Once it so happened that Amit dropped his lunchbox and spilt all his food during lunchtime. The 5-year old boy was too scared to tell the teacher but Sister Fatima had noticed.  She held Amit by his hand, took him to the teachers’ hostel. She brought a glass of milk, a few biscuits and a banana for the little boy. That incident and many others gave Shoba and Jai good reasons to be very grateful to the sisters in the convent.

Both Amit and Geetha had learnt wonderful manners from school. They also learnt the art of giving as during Christmas, they would go to a nearby village to distribute clothes, grains, sweets and fruits to the less privileged families. It taught them how to appreciate what they had and also share with those in need. They had learnt good discipline, excellent language skills and all those unforgettable cursive writing practices had moulded them so well.

Geetha nodded in agreement and looked more at ease as she parked the car and walked down the road with her parents. “I got nothing to worry” she comforted herself.

As they entered the arch entrance of the school that read out ” St. Joseph’s Convent”, Shoba glanced upwards and muttered a thank you.

Shoba and Jai could never believe that they were actually there. It meant a lot to them.
It made them so happy when Geetha and her husband Shiv chose the same school for their kids when they moved into the town. It was the kids’ first day and no wonder, Geetha was in a frenzy.

“I know there is still 15 minutes left but can we go?” Without waiting for their response, Geetha grabbed hold of her parents’ hands and took them towards the kindergarten section.

She forgot all her anxiety as an unexplainable feeling took over her. As the trio walked towards the classroom door, they could hear loud singing, most voices out of tune and at a different pitch.

Geetha noticed her triplets Dia, Ryan and Aarav covering one or plugging both ears so that they could actually hear which voice belonged to them in the group. It was an adorable sight. Happy tears flowed down Geetha’s cheek, as “Silent Night. Holy night, All is calm, All is bright ” filled the air.