Be an Angel

Balvihar August 2019

Have you ever met an angel?If your answer is no…think again.You will realise what you weren’t noticing, and this story is all about that.
If your answer is yes…who is an angel and what makes you think they are one?
You come across so many of them in a day, they are thoughtful, gentle, kind, helpful, selfless and loving. They don’t expect anything in return for what they do, and keep passing the goodness around.

Nishant was walking back home from his tuitions. Finding some groundnuts and carrot in his bag, he chose the groundnuts. Now this is a good filling snack.“

How thoughtful of his mom? She always ensured he had healthy food.
“Hmm..that’s why I am the sports champion every year” he smiled.

While munching groundnuts he tried kicking a can that someone had irresponsibly thrown on the pavement. He aimed it straight into the dustbin closest to him when he noticed something that made him stop. He saw a tiny puppy curled up at one corner of the dustbin.
He rushed to pick the little one. He had no second thoughts about pulling out his handkerchief and covering the puppy.
He wondered what to do next. He was still ten minutes away from home and the puppy looked very weak and could barely stand up on its legs.
An old man sipping tea at a shop close by signalled to Nishant. “ Come here beta. If he gets some food, he will feel better”
“He cant eat groundnuts or carrots, can he? Because that’s all that I have” Nishant replied.
The tea-seller who heard them, offered a few biscuits and some milk.

“You run home now. It’s getting dark” the old man said.

Nishant walked away slowly, turned back to see the puppy drinking milk. He smiled as the old man and shopkeeper waved to him. “He will be safe here. Don’t worry. We could do with a new friend” the tea seller chuckled.

That Saturday morning, Nishant’s dad had planned to take him and his mom to the school that he had studied in. His dad never forgot how he rose to become a wealthy businessman now. He had lost his mom when he was very young. His dad and teachers had encouraged and stood by him always.
 He visited his school every year and ensured his contribution for the betterment of his school, the teachers and students.
This year, he increased the funding to get free uniforms and footwear for all the students in the primary. Nishant felt proud of his dad.
“ I will grow up to be like you, Papa and here’s a big hug from me” Nishant felt emotional.
Can we also make a big library for them Papa. I can get books from my friends too.”
Nishant was excited.

The children were overwhelmed with the sparkling new uniforms and shoes and the grand lunch that was served.
An award function had also been arranged with a new concept in mind. Not only the  kids who stood first in their classes got the merit awards, there were also awards for those who had shown improvement in every subject. It was Nishant’s mom’s idea to give away such awards because in the first place, the kids coming to school regularly was a big achievement.
The students were mostly from poor families whose uneducated parents had to be coerced to send them to school. Without any help at home, Nishant’s mom felt that the kids putting in efforts to improve in their studies needed to be acknowledged. What a noble thought!!
Meanwhile back at the tea shop, the visitors were playing with the puppy who was now looking healthier and active. He would pass the happiness around.
The world is a place worth living because of every angel present here.