On the air!!

Balvihar February 2019

“Mama,I am in Thatha’s house.”
”Oh, so soon?Looks like you flew across the fields.”
”No,no, I came on a tractor from the station Mama! What a fun and wobbly ride it was.”Aditya laughed.”Can I talk to Amma?” 
“Amma is listening to the radio news.Will ask her to call you later. Now you go and eat something ”
“Ok bye.” Aditya glanced at the clock. Of course, Amma would’nt miss the 1 pm news. He knew how she would sit close to her precious radio listening to the news,  the views, and humming her favourite songs being played on the radio at bedtime. She felt so rejuvenated everytime she heard something on the radio. It was like her best friend whom she could’nt do without.
Amma was Aditya’s mom’s mother. Everyone address her as Amma, and he did too. Amma could not travel with Aditya back to Thatha’s place as it was quite cold in the village. She would return after 2 months when it would warm up a bit.
Sure he would miss her and her radio, he thought as he climbed down the steps to the living room. His eyes popped out when he saw his Thatha sitting with his ears glued to a radio …”Of course” he mumbled. 
Thatha and Ammamma had made the whole family fans of the chattering radio. 
None of them bothered about not having a television set at home.. to them the radio was enough. Aditya’s friends made fun of him for missing the excellent animation and kid shows on television but he did not seem interested. A television, he felt, contrary to his peers was a distraction that could be easily avoided.
He loved making his own stories, doodle for them and when they needed some entertainment, the radio was there.
Everyone thought the family was so peculiar.
Aditya still remembered how Thatha refused to get into the new car Mama had bought years ago. Like a small kid, he was complaining about all things that might happen if he travelled by car. They were amused when he suddenly hopped into the car…Mama had switched on the car radio and Thatha had noticed it before any of them. Every ride now became dear to him.

“My dad’s radio… you remember” Thatha pointed. It was interesting to watch Thatha tune into the channels, recognise the familiar voices, give their names, and his opinions about his favourite programs of the day.
 As the radio host chatted away, the young boy fell asleep, tired from the journey and dreaming – about radios. 

Here are a few facts about the radio:
1. Radio technology is all around you, in your cell phone, your tablet and in your Wi-fi.2. Guglielmo Marconi sent and received his first radio signal in Italy in 1895.3. On Christmas Eve, 1906, Canadian inventor Reginald Fessenden made the first radio broadcast in history. 4. Did you know that radio, not television is the mass medium which reaches to the widest audience globally?5. Radio is a low cost medium for powerful communication reaching the remotest parts of the world.6. Radio is an important medium playing a specific role in emergency communication and disaster relief. 7. Radio has beautifully adapted to the changes in the 21st century by offering new ways for people to interact and participate thus keeping communities together and encouraging positive dialogue for change, 8. AM radio is the “amplitude modulation” radio mostly called the “talk” radio while the FM radio or the frequency modulation radio is the mostly “music” radio with clearer and clean sounding transmission.9.World Radio Day is celebrated on February 13.