Give it your best shot; Keep the jitters away!!

Balvihar March 2019

“Now put your books away and lie down on your desks. It’s a 10 minute break. Complete silence please”.

The Principal’s voice came over the speaker

The confused students dare not discuss anything and simply followed the instruction. 

The final exams were 2 months away but she still had time, the Principal Mrs. Hema assured herself.

Earlier it was mainly the students who were appearing for the boards who took excessive stress, but now the exam stress was catching up even with the primary students and passed over to the parents as well. 

She discussed her ideas with the teachers who agreed with her. They were going to bend a few school rules, but it was absolutely okay 

The parents were informed about the changes and they agreed it was all worth trying. 

1. A compulsory activity time was set up in the timetable instead of the extra study hour.

2. Two extra breaks of 10 minutes were brought into the day schedule to encourage the students to relax.

3. The teachers helped each student to prepare study routines for themselves. 

A poster sharing valuable tips was put up on the notice board in every class. 

1. Use your moments wisely. Plan your day with proper breaks in between.

2. Continue with the “watch your breath” exercises to destress.

3. Eat a good meal that keeps you happy. Keep away from junk and sugar and choose nuts, seeds, yogurt, blueberries and healthy food. 

4. Drink plenty of water.

5. Get some sunshine because Vitamin D is healthy for your brain.

6. A quick read before sleeping improves retention. Revise all important points and facts then before getting into bed.

7. Check the examination timetable and timings.

8. Too much of last minute reading can send your brain into a spin. So just chill. Know when to stop.

9. Get good sleep, don’t skip your breakfast and be ready to win. 

Good luck to all.