The new age

People think it’s absolutely alright to do anything and get away with it. Was talking to Amma who said that the way the world functions today is “ what seems right now may not be the same tomorrow. What seems wrong now might seem right tomorrow. ”

You can never expect respect from someone who doesn’t choose to give it to you. It’s not about you…. it’s about them.

The choices they make, the webs they spin.

It’s very difficult for people to live an honest life… there always needs to be an accessory to meddle with. …that is why we are the “ mere mortals”

The tongue doesn’t have a bone but chooses to be quite dangerous.. well a tongue doesn’t have a brain too… won’t it think before causing havoc?

This couple is cashing in on the differences between another .. they are mischief mongers who are destroying lives..

No one believes me when it is pointed out. Evil thrives so well.