Pearls of wisdom

Surprising that 2 professionals from  different fields shared the same tip:   director priyadarshan said – its not the director’s film, its the editor’s film the writing expert said – the best written piece is the best edited one. DON’T GET IT RIGHT, JUST GET IT WRITTEN.


something i least expected happened. i tried this and it worked. so I am sharing it. I cant call myself a spiritual person, but recently a few incidents have prompted me to try out certain things that I feel would actually lighten my burden and keep me cheerful. And I said I am sorry, I

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it made me all the more curious when I started seeing twin numbers though initially i was amused and took it lightly. a friend shared this and it says it all.

Lulu Gyaan

I can be at my worst sometimes. Sunday afternoon was one such instance. I was highly critical of those fins of the fish….when something irritates me,  fins or fans don’t matter at all. Lulu’ s response to my quirky comment about the ocean and fish, “Sorry about that but a drawing is supposed to be

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For the teenagers

Teenagers are the most irritated lot. They hate their mom so much as it’s her voice echoing everywhere…” do this, don’t do this….. Well, this is what the 8 year old had to tell his older sibling. ” No, mommy is not scolding you or torturing you . She is just reminding you every time about

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All this love

Is overwhelming but it makes me feel so wonderful. I no longer question : Do I deserve this? The universe has been very generous and I have more I have to give away. Magizhchi!!!  

A bad week

It’s right not to think about the past, but the week that went by was not too good. Can’t really blame anyone, because everyone thinks its their fundamental right to be so. Anyway, they can carry their trash bags along with them, instead of trying to dump it on someone else. 2 friends faced such

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