I let it go

If it’s mine, it will come back. i suppose we should attribute all anxieties to the increase in channels of communication. when one channel gets blocked, there is’nt a moment to waste to check out the others. why the flutter to check the phone for missed calls, messages and mails ..that too frequently. When postal

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Hand in hand we walked together Among leaves none bothered to gather The trees stood bare on either side Those nests they now did not hide. Here and there a chirp was heard The call of an unseen bird. The moon came out with its silver rays Making us want to go into space Closing

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The Wish

    The autumn wind blew noisily Over the big, strong tree The dancing leaf let go its hold It wanted to see the sea Down it came sailing thro’the wind And landed on the river That ran beneath the big, strong tree. The leaf was filled with glee It was going to see the

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There they go

I stood on the roof top A bright sunny day I saw them in the far blue space Those flocks of sheep One pushing the other Wait! I said Why the haste? Came back the reply – It’s the wind you see Taking us along To new lands For us to g(r) aze.


I opened my eyes to find myself In a long corridor – the world. At the end of it, I saw Something shining bright Was it what they called the sun? How lovely? Could I touch it? My merry little laugh echoed And I – the infant, was scared. I slowly crawled forward – me,

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Caps on stalks stout or lean Red, white and brown, but never green On the wall, wood or soil damp Alone or in a group they camp. Oft picked up by a tiny tot They brighten up a garden pot For toads to sit down and muse, A shelter they never refuse Those caps on

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