Be an Angel

Balvihar August 2019 Have you ever met an angel?If your answer is no…think again.You will realise what you weren’t noticing, and this story is all about that.If your answer is yes…who is an angel and what makes you think they are one?You come across so many of them in a day, they are thoughtful, gentle,

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The Earth connects us

Balvihar April 2019 The spot where the cowsheds used to be buzzing with activity all day, now seemed completely different and quiet.There was a beautifully maintained garden where the kids and Bharathi could notice tiny brinjals, tomatoes, ladysfingers and chillies swaying in the breeze.Karan Bhaiya’s passion in gardening had created something so magical. She turned to

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On the air!!

Balvihar February 2019 “Mama,I am in Thatha’s house.””Oh, so soon?Looks like you flew across the fields.””No,no, I came on a tractor from the station Mama! What a fun and wobbly ride it was.”Aditya laughed.”Can I talk to Amma?” “Amma is listening to the radio news.Will ask her to call you later. Now you go and eat

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The new age

People think it’s absolutely alright to do anything and get away with it. Was talking to Amma who said that the way the world functions today is “ what seems right now may not be the same tomorrow. What seems wrong now might seem right tomorrow. ” You can never expect respect from someone who

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