Lulu Gyaan

I can be at my worst sometimes. Sunday afternoon was one such instance. I was highly critical of those fins of the fish….when something irritates me,  fins or fans don’t matter at all. Lulu’ s response to my quirky comment about the ocean and fish, “Sorry about that but a drawing is supposed to be

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For the teenagers

Teenagers are the most irritated lot. They hate their mom so much as it’s her voice echoing everywhere…” do this, don’t do this….. Well, this is what the 8 year old had to tell his older sibling. ” No, mommy is not scolding you or torturing you . She is just reminding you every time about

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The important advice

When mom decides it’s lecture time for the teenager, it’s  complete silence at home (obviously!!) Mom to the teenager: “It’s horrible to repeat instructions like a record player ………………………. ……………………….. Etc…etc.. At this rate you are not going to excel in anything!!!” The 7 year old who has been actively listening feels it’s his first

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My mind is flooded with thoughts. Scene 1: 43 year old X passed away at 6 am this morning …. leaving behind his young wife and 4 kids aged 8,6,4 and 2 years. Scene 2 : 45 year old Y is in ICU , rushed to the hospital late last night . Both of them

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